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  1. Thanks so much man! Thoroughly appreciate it. Have a good day!
  2. I loved the fighting (special abilities etc etc), drama, love and story line. But the most important is the way they fought and their abilities. I want something like that if theres anything like it out there
  3. I love Naruto/Shippuden but never found an another anime like it. Do you know of any?? Many thanks
  4. I have watched Naruto and Pokemon etc since I was a kid and I have watched a couple more animes later in life. I absolutely love Naruto/shippuden to bits. Can anyone please recommend me some anime shows? Preferably one that's like Naruto or that type of genre! I have watched Death Note and FullMetal Alchemist, they're obviously very good - but didnt make me hyped like Naruto did lol. Thanks.
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