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  1. Thanks. Yup, I'm really looking forward to volunteering there. I love animals so it will be nice to take care of the ones in a rescue centre.
  2. Almost finished watching Railgun's first season. Really excited to finish it so I can watch Index season 2. 

  3. Practice makes perfect if you ever get into doing art and thank you.
  4. Yup. ^^ It'll be hard work but fun most likely.
  5. I'm TsuchiMaika and (very obviously) I'm new here! It's nice to meet anyone who's reading this intro topic currently. Some info about me: I like anime, art, gaming and making friends with people. I really want to become an animator for kids cartoons one day. It's my biggest aspiration. I'm currently in college and may be doing volunteering at an animal rescue soon as work experience. I also really like drawing chibi characters.
  6. I know barely anyone will even know the characters but I really like Ratio x Birthday. It's kinda debatable to whether it's canon or not due to a lot of the actual shipping content coming from the Drama CDs which I'm pretty sure since there was no manga behind the anime's story (except for the manga to Hamatora which was a prequel to the anime to get people into the it) is canon. I won't include any pictures of the characters since I know some people are uncomfortable with gay pairings.
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