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  1. I drew it when I got home. Thank you, having a visual-rich memory is a blessing albeit having more trouble with textual information due to it.
  2. @Ohiotaku Sarazanmai is good but heard a lot of people say it's too weird for them because they didn't realise the grossest part would just be repeated and it wouldn't get worse. It kind of blends in, looking somewhat normal after a few episodes before they get less repetitive.
  3. This is the last thing I drew. It was inspired by a woman I saw on the bus the other day who was very beautiful. It says 'motherly' on the right-hand side since she had a baby who was silent. She looked like a very caring mother.
  4. Sarazanmai, Hora Mimi season 2 and Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin. I'm up to date with the first 2 to the latest episode that aired. I only begun watching Mayonaka yesterday so I'm yet to catch up with that one.
  5. I'll be trying to find and hopefully getting a Summer job until college starts back up again if I've passed the course. (I just finished it.)
  6. Sorry I disappeared off the site for a bit. I had exams. ^^' I should be back now (hopefully. ><)

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    2. Seshi


      Glad to have you back

    3. Zen Wistaria

      Zen Wistaria

      Hello and Welcome back, hope your exams went well :)

    4. TsuchiMaika
  7. I like how as soon as I try getting back into watching anime after spending weeks playing a game my internet goes funny to the point where even downloading episodes takes more than 20 minutes. Ah, sweet life... 😬

    1. brycec


      We better get out the pitchforks and torches. 🤣

  8. I cosplay for fun~! I haven't cosplayed very much except for Noodle from Gorillaz at a small convention. I was also going to cosplay as Todomatsu from Osomatsu-San at MCM con but it ended up raining (MCM con is far from where I live so the wig would have got ruined.)
  9. Here's my entry~ Character is Makoto Nijima from Persona 5 the Animation.
  10. Aw no, only just seen this thread now. Haven't been active on the forums for a bit due to college, volunteering and other irl stuff keeping me busy. Would have entered, sorry about that.
  11. I'm watching season 1 of Gin no Saji currently. Almost finished it~! Not sure if I'll watch season 2 but I've enjoyed the first season so far.
  12. Finished watching a short anime today called Hanbun no Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora. It was so cute! Goro is a jerk of a doctor though for what he was doing, even if he had 'reasons'. 

    1. LonelyPoet


      Sounds interesting; I'll check it out.

    2. TsuchiMaika


      Ooh, hope you enjoy it! I really liked it.

  13. TsuchiMaika


    I sometimes (very rarely) write fan-fiction and read it quite a bit. There isn't a specific favourite sort for me, I mainly just read fanfics to do with shipping. The sites I use are Archive of Our Own/AO3 and Wattpad.
  14. I feel like I'd like to live in Non Non Biyori's world mainly because it's very peaceful. Non Non Biyori is set in a countryside area called Asahigaoka which is fictional and based on quite a few different areas. I guess I wouldn't find it boring since I really like nature.
  15. Currently I'm watching Chocolate Underground and I'm honestly not too sure on it. Yesterday I watched 47 Todoufuken/47 Prefecture Dogs which is very cute and funny.
  16. I always have sugar and milk in my cup of teas. Love sweet things.
  17. Maybe a bit of an odd character to connect to, but I really connect to Birthday from Hamatora. He always has such a bright personality even though he's very ill. I've always been quite sickly (I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in late 2017 along with regularly getting ill throughout my life) but in 2018 decided it was better so smile through it than struggle. I was facing depression until around that time as well. Also have one more character I can definitely relate to and that's Misaka Mikoto from Toaru Majutsu no Index/Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She has a Gekota key-ring on her bag (f
  18. I mainly collect Pokemon merchandise but do have a few other collections. Other collections: - One Piece (mainly figures, especially of Sanji) Gorillaz merch (CDs, DVDs, figures, etc) Anime Figures Sanrio Plushies Anime badges + key-rings Jewelry Games Notebooks (It's a bad habit) Anime posters Osomatsu-San merch Game merch
  19. Some kids have a death man for a teacher and the creator must seriously like Halloween.
  20. My favourite husbando is Sanji from One Piece.
  21. Almost finished watching Railgun's first season. Really excited to finish it so I can watch Index season 2. 

  22. I know barely anyone will even know the characters but I really like Ratio x Birthday. It's kinda debatable to whether it's canon or not due to a lot of the actual shipping content coming from the Drama CDs which I'm pretty sure since there was no manga behind the anime's story (except for the manga to Hamatora which was a prequel to the anime to get people into the it) is canon. I won't include any pictures of the characters since I know some people are uncomfortable with gay pairings.
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