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  1. I wouldn't want to meet a fiction character in real life that had sinister intentions Which epiosde are you at with your current anime?
  2. Banri

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone! Sofi says it absolutely perfectly... "Even if you do not celebrate the holiday I still hope your day is pleasant and filled with lots of love and yummy food." Today will probably be a relaxing day here as yesterday I went out with the family and had a lovely day, and the family don't have anything else planned for today Oh, that reminds me... I'll be washing my car today 🚙 * Sends you some extra yummy chocolate 🍫 🛫 *
  3. I've got to say, I've not seen that one either. Sakura Quest
  4. Did you know that I'm about to say... I hope you have sweet dreams and a wonderful nights sleep ^^ I've absolutely enjoyed our time on here tonight ❤️
  5. Did you know that I'd still give you a hug no matter what ❤️
  6. I'd sit and take in what Fermat's Last Therom was as I had no idea.
  7. Absolutely! I didn't know the oldest toy was named to be the stick Did you know that the production cost of the original 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cost Disney a whopping $1.49 million dollars
  8. I had no idea that it was the Greeks that invented that or that it was made for that specific purpose Did you know today I've learnt lots of new things today Did you know that the first historical mention of the yo-yo was from Greece in the year 500 B.C.
  9. Noticing senpai is cosplay, in a flash I'd change into cosplay as well and take her Ice Skating ^^
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