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  1. I didn't watch any E3 announcements as I didn't think anything would be announced that would surprise me, but I was wrong... Konami Announces the Turbografx-16 Mini https://www.kotaku.co.uk/2019/06/12/konami-announces-the-turbografx-16-mini I'm absolutely picking one of these up on release day It's a system I've not previously owned, and from past research can be expensive to collect for, so this will be a winner for me
  2. I hope so too, @VampireKnight19. It's actually very calm outside at the moment, although the ground is still rather wet - I need to cut the back lawn once it dries up.
  3. This is so true. The weather's been rather miserable here with the rain.
  4. Hug them, and say, Senpai, come quick, I've been kidnapped by an unknown party working on behalf of the evil one 🤣
  5. Hug them in agreement, the evil one will get taken care of.
  6. That sounds like a video game, but the name escapes me, 🤣
  7. I'll place this delicious looking cake here, would anyone like a slice?
  8. Hug them in my arms while we both die from laughter 🤣
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