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  1. Head phone users be warned. Would recommend muting this in general >.> 20191015_181516.mp4
  2. I'll post motivational fodder if that helps
  3. Faeding

    Amvs with me!!

    If you do download it I'd appreciate a link o.o
  4. Faeding

    Amvs with me!!

    Posting this more as a self vent... this one destroys me.... had the most terrible fallout with my first lover when we were 16 <.< https://youtu.be/_UeYz9cBYHU If anyone with youtube red could download that? I have an irrational fear that the video will be gone one day
  5. Rushes in and sits down. I wasn't waiting Just realized I had notis turned off on this page =/
  6. This is unacceotable. Your post is just cut off right here!?!? Also couldn't find it on Moldichavoc <.<
  7. Make shift word play,laxodazical word "Eb' And Flow'". Constricted, entwined 'entangled A cacophony of word show. A stuck-strapped to the bottom of your boots Sinking feeling you know. You lost, remembered. Forgot and found. Quietly stuffing the brightest and quietest dreams you've allowed. Stricken and stitch meaning to all but that and this. The Curved and curling meaning stretched just out of grasp. Bending at the balance for what you wish to take...but they had none to give . ///// Make shift word play Eb and Flow A cocophany of word show You lost...remembered... forgot and found- The Curved and curling meaning stretched just out of grasp Laxodazical, constricted.. entwined.. entangled A stuck strapped to the bottom of your boots quietly stuffing the brightest and quietest dream you've allowed A sinking feeling bending at the balance for what you wish to take Stricken and stitch meaning to all but that and this for I have much to give.
  8. Need to vent? Everyone is wonderful.. sometimes we fuck up wonderfully as well.
  9. Hopefully Wedgy is on tonight...with less terrifying dolls.
  10. I almost took today off for no reason. But didnt have the courage <.<
  11. Chill out room Bump. Ganna be posting in here tonight if no one wants to hang out in amv land XD.
  12. Faeding

    Amvs with me!!

    Is anyone interested in some more. I dont want to spam
  13. Keep audio muted 20191015_181516.mp4
  14. Faeding

    Amvs with me!!

    For some reason I cant see under any of my last post So i cant click your links? Can you try re posting please.

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