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  1. Well I just wanna let you know that I appreciate what you do
  2. Faeding

    Selfie Thread

    Major tom forsure but the shiny toy guns version
  3. From HunterxHunter ? Pitou!? Why? Its easy for me to ignore her endless transgressions on happiness and wellbeing... Because well She's mislead and we all make mistakes... This is never more evident
  4. Hey Mami sylvan esso Lemme know if you guys want to hear the remix as well.
  5. Faeding

    Selfie Thread

    My Brothers new puppy
  6. I dont know anymore?? Music...mostly.music... but im nearly tone deaf and rythmnless Id never be able to experience music the way id want. I can play Piano a bit.. but thats just muscle memory.
  7. So ill just check a few id consider on topic Angel Beats Lost song JYU-oh!-sei I love watching these genres because they help me alleviate my own anxiety... i relate a lot to the fear of disastisfaction in life and enjoy very much watching people overcome/find ways to enjoy life no matter the circumstance. Cheers
  8. So how do you guys deal with debillitating anxiety and existential dread asking for a friend of course
  9. I just Lurk. Lurk while at work o.o you guys see this figure in the clouds? Tilt head to the left see cloud girl pointing her hand/finger
  10. Just finished this Anime... need people to to about it havent decided if this should be a spoiler free space? Heres an ost from the lovely spectacle. Not the Anime music orientated therefore this song be noted as a spoiler
  11. Faeding

    Amvs with me!!

    Wowowowo you're an angel that site worked o.o
  12. Head phone users be warned. Would recommend muting this in general >.> 20191015_181516.mp4
  13. I'll post motivational fodder if that helps
  14. Faeding

    Amvs with me!!

    If you do download it I'd appreciate a link o.o
  15. Faeding

    Amvs with me!!

    Posting this more as a self vent... this one destroys me.... had the most terrible fallout with my first lover when we were 16 <.< https://youtu.be/_UeYz9cBYHU If anyone with youtube red could download that? I have an irrational fear that the video will be gone one day
  16. Rushes in and sits down. I wasn't waiting Just realized I had notis turned off on this page =/

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