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  1. Last time was when i was a kid and i cried to the butterfree episode from pokemon indigo league
  2. I'm curious...who is your favorite My Hero Academia student & who is your favorite teacher? My favorite teacher is Eraserhead because...Eraserhead & my favorite student is a toss up between Todoroki & Tokoyami because I can't decide what would be more badass: being able to manipulate fire & ice at the same time or having some wicked shadow come out of my back & mess somebody up lol! 

    1. HeavenSunset


      I forgot practically everything about anime because i have not watched it in so long, but my favorite student is Bakugou (i could never forget him) and i'm not sure about teachers, i never really paid attention to them 

  3. I know how to work AdminCP if that's what you want
  4. Right now im sticking to naruto, boku no hero academia, kimetsu no yaiba and dr stone
  5. @SeshiThanks! I suppose this is Anime forums And my favorite is either My Hero Academia or Naruto
  6. Hello everyone, I'm HeavenSunset and i joined Anime Forums because I have no anime friends in real life but I hope this forum might make up for it

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