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  2. That's what I'm planning to do I'll use the DVD stream to add subtitles
  3. Oh, don't worry, My DVD player happens to be region free, still I'll need to find a way to add english subtitles to it, since it has only spanish according to the description. So I'll need to make a custom disc Thanks for letting me know. I checked the French version on youtube. I must say the picture quality seems pretty decent Will order it shortly
  4. @[email protected]@[email protected] hey, guys I was able to find a French DVD so far https://www.nautiljon.com/dvd-blu-ray/les+3+mousquetaires+-+film+1+-+2+-+Édition+collector+-+dvd,6408.html It's been released in 2017, so I hope it has a decent quality. The thing is we still need English subtitles for this, but I'll definitely will be buying this if I don't find a better HD release Will need to look for subs
  5. I will keep searching. According to Blu Ray.com it doesn't have a release but sometimes they can miss out a title completely. I will try asking my Japanese friends on Facebook. If we're lucky, it will surface somewhere. There has been a German DVD release, according to IMDB. That's already good news. I'll keep you informed God, I'm so happy I finally found the title
  6. I definitely will. I was able to find it on YouTube for now with Greek dubbing, I will keep looking. If I find a DVD or Blu Ray, I will send you, guys, the link where to get it
  7. Thank you soooo much! This is the one I was looking for Yes, this is the one I was looking for, thanks a bunch. I've been looking for it for years Some parts of it I could just never forget. I checked it on YouTube. I got the Pink Floyd "Time" right, it is really playing as they are walking the dungeon Can't believe I finally found it. Thank you again very much I'm crossing fingers now hopefully to find this in HD or Blu Ray somewhere. This one is really good
  8. OH MY GOD!!!!! FROM THE POSTER I THINK THAT'S IT!!!!! CHECKING IT OUT NOW!!! These are the characters for sure. So it was Korean?
  9. Frankly speaking it was more like Anime, I don't remember the main titles of it, but the visual style was very much like Anime. I even remember when my parents brought me the VHS tape when I was a kid, they were referring to it as 'Japanese cartoon' but unfortunately during the years there was no way they could remember the title or anything else, and the tape is long gone. There was also another song playing when the heroes are flying their space ship to rescue the girl, I somehow got the impression it was in Japanese. But I can't be certain of it. I saw it in 1986-1987, so I think it should be either 70's or 80's. One thing I can say for sure, it was very well done and should've been very popular back then in that industry.
  10. Hi Thank you so much for getting back. The princess was not blue-skinned, she was white, blonde. I checked Ulysses 31, it's definitely not that Also the Cyclops was purple from what I remember if that's any help. Thank you very much again
  11. Hi everyone, Please help me track down an anime I saw as kid. Certainly I don't remember the title, but I remember some of the plot and what the characters looked like. It was a sci-fi. I remember it was about a princess (I presume she was) being abducted and our heroes travel on a space ship to rescue her. The main male protagonist was thin, wore blue jeans, green T-shirt, carried a knife, among the rest of the rescuers there were 2 other guys, one wearing glasses, grey trousers, white T-shirt, was extremely fearful. Also there was a fat guy who most likely wore a green T-shirt, very fearful too. Also they had a robot teammate accompanying them. There was a scene where our rescuers reach something resembling a shaft, with blue walls. A descent into the cave. They start climb it down. As they look down, it’s descending into darkness, while when they look up, there’s a bright light above. Then they end up inside an underground cave. The only villain I remember was the Cyclops in the cave, this one scared me a lot as a kid. I remember there's a part where the princess is shown chained in the cave and the Cyclops was sleeping beside her/guarding. As the heroes are walking the cave, Pink Floyd's "Time" is playing (I remember that part was very scary back then). That's all I manage to remember, the easiest way to identify this would be the cyclops and Pink Floyd's "Time". It was a wonderful anime from what I remember. Somebody please help me find this. I absolutely loved it as a kid. Thanks in advance so much.
  12. Hey, guys, I just joined this site and I'm loving it.
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