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  1. Hi I'm looking for an old anime possible a movie made maybe in it's 90's or atleast the anime style is in it's 90's-2000's. It's something I seen long ago but can't remember. I do remember the concept revolving around "avatars", the internet world, and martial arts. I believe the main character is a tomboyish looking female who appears to be lazy but her avatar is one of the greatest fighters. The show starts off with a male character talking about these avatars and showing his inside the internet world and how important is to the real life. The female MC is tasked with fighting another avatar that I THINK is causing havoc in the internet world. I remember a scene where the girl entire family shows up to support her. The family gathering began when the elder lady makes a call to everyone cutting to different scenes of the family members receiving the call some of them being cops, firefighter, etc... Another scene is the MC requiring a bigger and better cpu/mainframe so the family collects these huge pc's. As the show progress it cuts back to these cpu's overheating and the fam working together to cool it down so the mc can continue the fight.
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