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  1. @Wifferr did a little search myself to kill time. I used the tags "romance" & "sports" and I found a track anime called Suzuka from 2005-2006. I hope this helps
  2. Adding to the description its not surigata no hito -nostalgia 2000 that's stop motion, I'm looking for a full on animated episode!
  3. I notice this thread is still decently active and I'm restarting my search for about the 5th time. I started back in around 2017 alone, posted on animelist.net and I found this after some on and off searching back in 2018, after high school, during summer and winter breaks I've been searching for this anime on and off for about two years and I've seen some obscure animation from the Estima: Sense of Wonder commercial to the I love magikarp theme song for the club. The plot goes a woman (the wife) suddenly dies to Alzheimer or something when she (my memories hazy) supposedly due to the house burning down trying to iron a wedding dress or something for either her daughter or a suit for her husband. The characters are an elderly couple aged 50+. After her death she becomes a ghost going about her daily routine. Her husband, retired (I think recently) became spooked at the ghost and tried to get a Buddhist monk or exorcist to make the ghost go away. It was a harmless ghost doing the thing it did before it died so the exorcist let the ghost go. The husband followed and watched her routine for a year before her ghost dissipated, I searched under the tags: Movie, supernatural, slice of life, special. its an animation about 17-20 minutes long and 1 episode. I'm not sure if the status was completed or on-going. I originally watched it at least before 2017 maybe 2015 or 2016. It was sad and had a few disqus posts beneath the video. Originally watched on kissanime.

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