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  1. @Keiko Cool! What's your favourite medium to work with? Also, I see the drawings in your signature. Those are yours? @The History Kid Ah, I learn something new every day. ^-^ I honestly don't even know that much about the military here, so I can't say if it's the same or not. But anywho, it's so good to hear you enjoy your work! As it should be.
  2. Thanks for the welcomes, everyone! ^-^ @Keiko I just do pencil drawings of whatever I feel like drawing. I'm no artist or anything, and I'm not very good, I just like doing it. Are you an artist? @The History Kid The classes seem to be good so far. I mean, I don't have much experience so I also hope the content is good, bhhh. I haven't found things to be overly difficult, which I appreciate. I didn't know "command historian" was a thing! That's super neat. Do you enjoy what you do?
  3. @The History Kid ^ My first question is gonna be how much of a thing is tagging people here, and should I do it whenever responding to someone? As for the History question, I'm a first year so I'm still very new and very general. I'm currently taking a class about the history of pirates, and one about Skyrim & the Middle Ages (my uni has the coolest classes I can't). My personal area of interest is the history of costume/fashion, though I don't claim to know a ton on the subject. I see you're an Army Historian! Do you work at a museum? Do you specialize in the American army, or...?
  4. Hello hello, nice to meet you all~ I've no clue how active I'll be on here, but my old internet-home is now a very dead forums and I figured I'd search for a forum community with a little more life in it. ^-^ I'm currently at university for History, and very much enjoying it! Outside of school, I enjoy dancing, some drawing, playing games, listening to music, chatting with friends, and watching anime (duh). You can already see a few of my favourite anime, but I actually have a lot of favourites. ^-^ I'm currently watching Black Lagoon, Ghost Hunt, and The Rising of the Shield Hero. I'm also reading the Kamisama Kiss manga, 'cause Season 2 had a seriously sucky ending and I need some better resolution. ;-; Thanks for having me!

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