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    Naruto, Fullmetal alchemist, Seven deadly sins, Sword art online, One piece, My hero academia, Death note, One punch man, Dragon ball. These are some of my favourite animes, but my favourite and the one that i can talk about the most is Naruto.
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    Obito, Sinon and Elon musk
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    Team fortress 2, Absolver, Apex Legends and Dauntless
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    Scout, Medic, Sniper and Mercy
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    PS4 and PC

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  1. Its hard to choose a favorite character because there are so many characters in the series, but if I had to I would choose Chizome or Shigaraki. I like Chizome because of his beliefs and I like Shigaraki because of his quirk and how powerful he was/is. My favorite quirk though is Overclock because of the potential it has to become the strongest quirk in the series, but because it isn't really strong at the moment then I would probably say All for one or Foresight because they are cool XD. Heres a link to a thread i made a few days ago about Overclock if you want to read about it. There are some things that i want to add to the thread but too lazy to do so XD. https://animebase.me/threads/overclock-vs-other-quirks-new-best-quirk.770868/
  2. Silenqe


    Thank you so much i appreciate it.
  3. Silenqe


    Silenqe is Silence but with a q instead of a c. I used to go by the name Silence, but a lot of people already used it so i couldn't use it a lot when i was making new accounts to a game or website, so i decided to change it a little and people might use z, x or s instead but i have never seen anyone use a q and q is also unique in a sense, so i wanted to use it instead.
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    Hey everyone, i am new to this forum. I joined this forum because i like anime and i was in another anime forum called animebase, but no one is active so it kinda become boring.

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