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  1. currently watching the last episode.

    I ABsoultly hate how this ended :(  Such a cliffhanger..

    There was finally a episode about Kureno and then found out that his curse is over , He is such a mysterious character , and i have never expected this. I haven't ever thought about Kureno's history was like this . There re still people who wish that the curse is over , and Kureno just broke the curse so easily and suddenly . When he hugged Tohru , I was expecting him to transform . but yea , he didn't.

    When he said " i want to see her " that Uotani was the first person that he fell in love with after he broke the bond , I felt so bad for him . I m guessing this happened all before Akito changed ? Again this time to Kureno , she said " whats that in your eyes " the same thing she said to yuki after Yuki told her that he forgave her . She probably scared that Yuki might leave her too.

    Yea , I have always knew that Akito was a woman . 

    34 minutes ago, Ohayotaku said:

    Haven’t watched the season finale yet, but season 3 will apparently be the last & will begin sometime in 2021


    And if this is true we have to wait till next year to know more :( 

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  2. First , i would like to say that Yuki and Machi was really cute together , im starting to ship them more and more . Yuki had changed very much from the beginning of the show , and i find that really great. 

    Something I just CAN NOT not talk about is Akito ! HOW could Akito do this , after Yuki just told him that he forgives her. Though i do realize that Akito's expression changed for that one second when she said " whats that in your eyes "  Theres no way that she wouldn't do anything after hearing that .

    In this episode , in the end , Momiji gave a DVD of Cinderella-ish play to Kureno saying it was a present from Tohru , I think she's so sweet , doing this for her Uotani and Kureno , she really thinks of others and is way too kind .

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