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  1. Can you ever give up social media ??( that means never use social media ever again and you won't regret it ) If you don't know , try not using social media for 2 weeks and if you use social media , you lose , then if you can do it , you win
  2. Going to new york tommorow 😜 

  3. they're really good, i would post all my drawings as well , but i have too many and they're too ugly but i did post some in the art club and fan art
  4. Beyond happy ? or beyond sad ?
  5. welcome >//< to AF Hope you have the best time here , i would be anyone's friend , just don't be afraid to ask
  6. welcome to AF , and your question is a interesting question ; Moon Child77 , i problary wouldn't marry a anime character , but sounds fun , Anyways welcome
  7. RN im 4 ( hurts a little more ) hope you are 0 , no hurt at all , because having this feeling isn't fun
  8. Wow , finished the anime im watching rn , kinda sad

  9. HI Welcome to AF ..... Whatever the reason is that you're here , i hope you have a fun time !!
  10. Pie flavored poop ???? i'd hate every single pie if they're poop flavored so Pie-flavored poop it is , but its still disgusting
  11. HI welcome ..... I would recommend you to go to the forums section " Rules & A-F User Tutorials " You can get help there , also , i hope you have fun !
  12. I usually don't like rewatching anime because , after you watch it once , you've already know what's going to happen , so it's not that exciting , but i do rewatch shows when i introduce anime shows to friends and they want me to watch along with them , but mostly , i don't like rewatching shows , and plus , i have a lot of other shows to watch after i finish the one i'm watching. But i really enjoy anime , so i dont really mind rewatching
  13. Welcome to AF Hope you have fun , its really good here , so hope u have a good time
  14. " Yesterday was such a fun day , that i couldn't fall asleep because finally reality is better than my dreams " , 

  15. Write a letter to your future or a past self
  16. A lot of my friends use it , and some of them are tictokers , so i watch it a lot with them

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