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  1. So, recently there this one epic hand 2 hand battle in Hitori no Shita 3rd season, who's adapted by Big Firebird Cultural Media. and I found it's one of the most promising development of the animation, while 1st had 6.8 rating and 2nd 7.4, it's truly that maybe this 3rd season can be higher than the other 2 seasons. let's take apart from "ah you know, they were changing their studio animation" things. At one point, the studio's still coming from china. So what do you think about their development on taking the animation ? did the progress going well from your point of view ?
  2. I love Yamada and The 7 Witches, the first anime that make me loves anime, even the first ever manga I've finished is Yamada, don't know why, maybe because I love how the story was like a person was knitted by fate to be choosen by her (Shiraishi) only, even though there be like 5-6 girls have crush on him, but it isn't like those harem anime that showing the harem as soon as the anime/manga begin
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