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  1. @Ohiotaku The anime seemed to be newer than the ones presented, I believe the setting was at a school (university or high school). The animation style seemed a bit sexual and animated breasts largely. Also the main character of it was a boy with a cat sidekick that could turn into a girl.
  2. Hello!! I watched an anime a couple of years back and I cant seem to find it. I only watched about two episodes and now I am stuck because I cannot find it. I remember some things though. One thing was that the main character was a boy who went to school and had a kind of "sidekick" or "guardian" that was a cat that could turn into a girl. I believe the cat/girl would record the things the boy did. He went to school and met a girl with red hair I believe and they seems like they were interested in each other. Also, there was a shower scene where the red haired girl gets visited by some other female. Also, there was one funny scene where the cat girl is on a slide and poses for a photographer.
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