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  1. Hmm, I’m not much for movies. 
    For anime movies it would probably be The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky

    & for general not-anime movies, The Tenth Doctor’s Christmas special. Damn, Doctor Who is a good show.

    On 6/8/2020 at 10:00 PM, RuthisianCodex said:

    Finally watched Spirited Away. I enjoyed but the lead character really annoyed the hell out of me. Even at the end she still got on my nerves lol. 

    Hmm, she didn’t seem so annoying to me. What particular thing about her annoyed you?

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  2. Reading Boruto. I honestly don’t know why, I haven’t even gotten to Shippuden but honestly the spoilers are really predictable. Hey, Naruto is Hokage! Duh.
    Sakura and Sauske got together! Duh. 
    But anyways, I’m also reading 10 Count, Dr. Stone, Blue Exorcist, MHA, and MHA: Vigilantes

    yeah, I know. I read a lot. 

  3. Fine, idk. No, more like... uncertain, confronted. I feel like I have to choose between this chat room I’m super active on, and AF. I obviously don’t want to watch less anime, but I can’t be relatively active on here, AND the chat room. Any advice?

  4. I normally watch subs, but my “when mom is around anime’s” include the dubbed version of Naruto. Apparently she read it has milder language. So, sometimes I watch dubs. 

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  5. Okay. 
    First job - N/A 
    Current job- also N/A. (Does school count??)
    dream job - manga or comic book artist
    Fav food- waffles
    Fav dog- uhhh, I don’t like animals.
    Fav candy- candied buddhas hand (Buddha’s hand is a kind of fruit)
    Fav ice cream - vanilla 
    Fav vehicle color- bright lime green
    Fav holiday - Christmas
    Day if the week- Saturday  
    Tats- 0
    Like to cook- NEVER
    Drive stick- N/A
    Like veg - I love them!!!
    Wear glasses - glasses? All the time.
    Fav season- summer

  6. I’m about as tech-savvy as your average American, but I just wanted to make a contribution to this popular-seeming thread. Computers? I use a Windows 7. Seriously, if you stalked me, on the off chance I wasn’t watching anime or reading manga, I would be playing Purble Palace. I’ve had people tell me it’s “gross”, or that I’m some kind of premature boomer (I’m not allowed to drive a car yet, buddy... [although admittedly I do love “outdated” stuff.]) Anyway, in my opinion new computers are overrated because why would you want all those special features when you can have internet connection, fun games, and pre-set musical wonders? 

    .....aaaaand I just realized people on here are using weird acronyms. I feel like Kaminari being brain-dead.

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