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  1. Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai is a manga about a man who falls in love with his household working robot. READ IT NOW. I LOVE IT. I literally started reading it last night and I’ve read all of it that’s translated on the manga site I use. It’s a little cringy sometimes... but I’m literally in love with it. 

  2. OtakuKid


    From the album: My anime crush pics

    She’s so cute I can’t even The manga is Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai btw.
  3. You’ll never guess who’s ba-ack!

    (hint: it’s me)

    1. XII360


      welcome back...you!

  4. Soul Eater Not’s intro is so long I had time to open AF up and type this.

  5. Y’know the kind of fanfiction that’s way too embarrassing to post online or share with friends but secretly you think it’s amazing?

    1. Wedgy


      You mean the kind I write all the time? 😆 Yup, I know the type.

    2. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      I ..... hate reading old works of fanfiction , Ill just ending up ... you know , it goes in the trash .

  6. It feels like Pegasus is trying to seduce me...

    Definitely not working. Nope. Not at all. Zero percent. 
    Okay, I’m kidding, that voice is beautiful. 



  7. I vaguely ship KageHina... What about you guys?
  8. Ouran High School Host Club: perfectly respectable and good anime

    Also Ouran High School Host Club: has homophobia and queerphobia

    Me: c’mon!! I liked you so much and then you had to go and do that! 🙄🙄

    1. Wedgy


      Some things really are a relic of their time. It really shows how far we've progressed in such a short period. :)

  9. Ouran High School Host Club is sooo good

  10. Hmm, I’m not much for movies. For anime movies it would probably be The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky & for general not-anime movies, The Tenth Doctor’s Christmas special. Damn, Doctor Who is a good show. Hmm, she didn’t seem so annoying to me. What particular thing about her annoyed you?
  11. Reading Boruto. I honestly don’t know why, I haven’t even gotten to Shippuden but honestly the spoilers are really predictable. Hey, Naruto is Hokage! Duh. Sakura and Sauske got together! Duh. But anyways, I’m also reading 10 Count, Dr. Stone, Blue Exorcist, MHA, and MHA: Vigilantes yeah, I know. I read a lot.
  12. Yeah, this really sums up how i feel about him too.
  13. Hey all! Guess who’s back? Yup, it’s me. I won’t really continue my Animania blog, mostly because it’s hard. Also ‘cause I don’t really enjoy anime blogging. Anyway, your favorite otaku has been watching anime and reading manga as usual. Guess what I just got for free, you guys? If you guessed a Boruto manga, you’re correct.


  14. Anyone else notice the resemblance between Uryū Ishida and Tenya Iida? I mean, yeah they’re a little different, but still!



  15. Currently watching? Oh gosh, so much... as for services, I use Netflix and VRV, and TubiTv, and prime. And RetroCrush. My tv has google on it so technically you can watch stuff like VRV and TubiTV on the tv and not just a computer.
  16. Filipino. Okay, um... Apple pie (should be easy :p)
  17. Hello everyone. Today I just wanted to throw in a random review about a show I watched called DearS. It’s not one I’m going to weekly review, and it’s CERTAINLY not (very) popular. I just had so many emotions about it I knew I had to review it. So here we go. Warning: watch this one ALONE!!! Also warning: THIS IS THE MOST CRINGE-WORTHY HENTAI I SWEAR... We’ve all been there. You’re bored, but none of the anime you’re currently watching seem interesting. So, you look for something new. Today, I felt that way, and as I was scrolling through RetroCrush I accidentally clicked on a sh
  18. VRV is glitching so much lately. Any awesome alternatives you guys know of?

  19. I’m reading the MHA vigilantes series it’s AWESOME
  20. Happy Father’s Day! 


  21. Hello everyone, today I’ll be reviewing episode one of Sword Art Online. Let’s do this, shall we? As soon as it starts, within the first 20 seconds, I am HOOKED, and I can tell I will enjoy this. Unlike One Piece, I really like the art style of this. I guess I’m just into this sort of thing. Seriously, by the time the dude has fired up his RP headset, I’m shaking with excitement. The concept, the art style, the characters, it’s all awesome. For some reason, other VRV users have so many negative comments. Stuff like “this is trash.” And “why am I rewatching this sucky show? Guess I’m t
  22. Anime intros I listen to: Seven Deadly Sins Intros MHA intros Nightcores I listen to: I’m a little O.D.D. Nightcore of Seven Deadly Sins opening 1 (lol I’m such an otaku) Nightcore of seven deadly sins opening 2 American music I listen to: Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense and Peppermints Mamas and the Papas: Creeque Alley
  23. How to get awesome anime posters for free:

    Step one: pick an anime

    Step two: google image search for one of those promotional photo things where all of the characters from the anime you picked are standing there

    step three: enlarge it, if needed

    step four: print it

    Taaaa-da! Now you can hang it up, and look at it whenever you want.

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    2. OtakuKid


      Hey, I live with my parents. 😄 Not debunked. At least not for me. (They pay for it)

      Solution: live with your parents. 

    3. XII360


      same (i also live with my parents), but best my dad would say is, im paying for our lunch >.>...

      and i dont even have a job, the hekk dad

    4. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      I do that alot

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