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  1. I'm currently reading: > Blue Exorcist (Volume 4) > Nichijo (Volume 2) > The Promised Neverland (Reading it online when it gets updated, haven't checked in since 2019 though) > Everything by Junji Ito My best mate recommended "The Floating Classroom" to me, and I'm also looking to find physical copies of "Battle Royale" (I only have the first volume, and that was by accident)
  2. Wow, those all look really interesting! I've seen Ghost Hounds recommended elsewhere as well, I think on the thread asking about horror similar to Higurashi? I love that series as well, so that's going to be my top priority to check out! Definitely interested in the other suggestions as well, especially the two you've mentioned RZ. If they are written by the same guy, that's going to be interesting to compare them with Lain. Thank you both for the suggestions!
  3. Hey! So, I'm currently going through my list of anime to watch/catch up on, and I recently re-watch Serial Experiments Lain. I absolutely love that show, its so interesting and I enjoy the creepy surreal art direction. So, I was wondering if you guys know of any series that would be worth a watch that's similar to Serial Experiments Lain, be it in general story beats and concepts, or in it's visual style? Also, I've recently re-watched Paranoia Agent, which I enjoyed in a similar way to Lain, so somewhere between the two would be a bonus! Cheers!
  4. I second everyone who's recommended Higurashi and Monster, they're absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for a more gory horror, Hellsing Ultimate, Elfen Leid and Blood C are definitely worth your time. I'd also recommend Happy Sugar Life. It's horror-adjacent, less scare more suspense, but incredibly dark. Might be worth a shout
  5. Hi there! I'm Tzar Zeitgeist, and I'm one of those anime fans that hasn't watched it for a while, and then begun to binge the life out of series because its less disruptive to my neighbours than screaming into the void. I'm looking forward to actually interacting on a forum again, its been a hot minute since I've been on one. I'm very open to any anime suggestions, and I'm always keen to jump into a new series. Mostly I like weird, dark, deep stuff, like Serial Experiments Lain and Paranoia Agent. As long as it has good characters, I'll probably like it. I also enjoy chess, so there'
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