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  1. Hi, just need currently active people to chat on PMs here. Sorry, I do not like discussion on public forums, I don't get anyone replying to my previous topic which turns out to be huge waste of my time last night. I just need active friends to chat thats it, this is not site promotion or anything like that, there is a private message feature on this forum for a REASON and I want to make better use of it with finding new active people.
  2. Just looking for anime fans to chat on Discord! Please hit me up on private message if you're interested to send me your Discord friend invite or just message me on here if you don't have a Discord.

  3. Hi, just testing the waters here to see how popular this forum really is but I would really hate leaving my post without replies for days if nobody knows this short lived anime. I want anime fans to be aware of the shows I discovered so one day they'll expect future projects from me based on the shows I talked about here and since some of these shows might be too taboo for the family friendly community out there, Im also working on a clean cut/edited version where adult anime shows can be easy and safe to watch without worrying the taboo parts lol.
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