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  1. Intel is in trouble since they lost their cash cow which is Apple. They can come back on top? Yes, sure: five years ago AMD was considered essentially out of the game. Will they? Well, if they aggressively pursue R&D like AMD did... Don’t underestimate the ability of ARM becoming a viable desktop platform for Windows and Linux in the near future: all that would take is someone designing a modular, user replaceable ARM combo instead the usual SOCs and voilà. Windows already can run on ARM. Risc might be the future (which would fulfill its goal, since it’s a more modern/efficient paradigm).
  2. Any genre and suggest how many you want, as long as it’s from 2020. Bonus points if it’s from indie artist(s)! I’m really into darksynth/retrowave, so here’s three of my heavy rotations from this year of 2020: Mirror by Dimitri De Alencar - dark synth, heavy, “Wall Street Hyenas” is fantastic! Virtuaverse.ost by MBR - another dark synth album that could well be a soundtrack for a cyberpunk game! Electric Heart by Roxi Drive - a great Retrowave album from a great singer!
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