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  1. => i am watching it now,and on the first episode i saw the princess that i am surely about what i said earlier 'young lady lying on the ground' and the enemy turns into something.... Damn it!!! i am so happy you helped me about that...actually i barely recalling this anime for almost 3months hahaha stupid me ...anyways... thank you so much
  2. => thanks bro i owe you one got to check this first if it's really the anime that i've watched last year
  3. Cameron

    Kenja no mago

    can't wait to see this on anime
  4. i do not know what is the title of the anime that i've watched last year...it was like he was adopted by the seraphim or some spirits on the mountain then raised him like their own family...one day while exploring on the other ruin,he found a young lady was lying on the ground and he immediately help her and took her in his house to give aid to the young lady...that young lady was a knight but unfortunately the young man didn't know what is the like of the outer world i mean he's been in the mountain since baby till he get teenager...the seraph that adopted him can not seen by the normal peopl
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