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  1. Hey :3 I've been looking for the name of an anime series I saw a long time ago. It's about a girl who lives in the countryside and then moves to Paris (or London, I don't remember) to become a journalist or a painter, I'm not sure. Any clues on the name? Thanks a lot!!!
  2. This is a tough one I only remember a bit from this anime, the male character is living in this house with loads of female characters, one of the female characters has a large chest and I don't think she understands many customs I also think she has blonde hair and I think wearing a white dress, I'm pretty sure she has some sort of special powet,I can't fully remember but I think she ( don't think one of the other females does ) teleports into the scene and insists she marrying the main male lead character ( I think a few of them start arguing over this ), after this they end up walking throug
  3. I'm looking for neko anime title that shows her nipple in bed room at night, with long blue hair, wear white shirt and surely has cat ear and tail. I remember she has no paw when flirt to that boy
  4. At the cable company waiting room, many screens on the wall and this movie caught my eye, but there was no indication of what movie it its. No sounds either. Looked like a teenage boy (with the round glasses) and his little sister in time of war. On the picture of the tv below, the main character is sitting in front of a pile of books. There was also a scene where some rich guy was filming an old style sea plane trying to lift off. When it didnt, the guy tore apart the reel in the film. I'm not even sure this is anime (or a movie for that matter). Thanks for any help.
  5. Anyone knows the name of this anime? Thanks in advance!
  6. I need help finding the anime that kajine asuak is from, please and thank you!
  7. Just curious about what anime character this is and where she's from. I've tried Google, but it wasn't really any help.
  8. hey guys ^-^ awhile back I was going through different anime on crunchyroll and I ran across an anime I really liked and I thought I added it to my queue (first time using it in browser) the first episode (maybe even the second one) was about this girl at a high school who has a sister. they head home and after a bit she realizes she left her gym stuff at the school. she heads back (hopping over the fence) to get the gym bag she left outside. on her way out she sees this beast and runs from it all the way to the chemistry class room only to run into this weird guy. the guy is holdi
  9. i do not know what is the title of the anime that i've watched last year...it was like he was adopted by the seraphim or some spirits on the mountain then raised him like their own family...one day while exploring on the other ruin,he found a young lady was lying on the ground and he immediately help her and took her in his house to give aid to the young lady...that young lady was a knight but unfortunately the young man didn't know what is the like of the outer world i mean he's been in the mountain since baby till he get teenager...the seraph that adopted him can not seen by the normal peopl
  10. I found this in a compilation and it didn't list names of anime and had comments disabled. Does anyone know what anime this is?
  11. Found this being used as a meme on the internet, I do not know what it is from but would really like to know, can anyone tell me what anime it is from?
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