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  1. Just got done with volume nine of dbs, and all I have to say is GODDAMN TOYOTAURO! To give some context, this is the end of the T.O.P. in the manga. After reading through,I'm gonna post some highlights for me from this volume.

    1.The 'Gamma-Burst Kamehameha'Torneo de la Fuerza | Manga 42 | Dragon ball artwork, Dragon ball art,  Dragon ball super manga

    Alright, if it''s not clear, I'm a huge sucker for dual/combo attacks (Big-bang kamehameha, FInal Kamehameha, etc) so this right here was THE SHIT for me.

    2. UI ISNT all around 'instant god tier'

    DBHype (Backup) on Twitter: "Ultra Instinct Omen Goku vs Jiren - Digital  Colored Version!… "

    What I mean by this is that,while we did have Ui omen and MASTERED UI, I still felt like Goku was having WAY too little problems with using it, after just getting it less than 10 minutes ago. I feel like the manga expands on this and I freaking love it. So they're standing off, Goku lunges, dodges one hit from Jiren, then gets smacked in the middle of  chest. If you read through it fully, then you'll notice that Goku adapts as he fight, until he reaches MUI.





    1. The transfer from omen to MUI was piss poor

    Dragonball Legends/Mui Manga Goku And Dokkan | DragonBallZ Amino

    Now I couldn't find the exact page where it happens, but I'll explain. So as they're fighting, Goku closes his eyes and I KIDD YOU NOT in THE NEXT PANEL he's in Mui and smacks Jiren straight in the balls.I really don't think I need to explain why this is bad.

    Wow, that's it! I've got alot more to say but I'm not gonna keep you any longer. Part of the reason why I'm wrapping this up at the half-way point is bc the other half is the begining of the MORO arc. So just read that if you want more. It starts at the end of chapter 42 (The battle's end and aftermath).

    Hope you enjoyed probably the shittiest review of 1 and a half chapter's you've ever seen! Peace.

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    2. Brysonmedia


      LMAO! I did that too! I started at part 3, and after crying meh eyes out I went back to 1 and 2. So rn Im at like the last ten episodes of part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable.) I kinda stopped watching JJBA so I could catch up on school, but now I should be transfering into Golden wind if I feel like a binge today!

    3. XII360


      wait was there something sad on the ending of part 3 ?!

      ...other than the hero (WRYYYYY) dying ?

      though i guess, iggy dying was kinda sad, but i didn't cry, surprisingly >_<

    4. Brysonmedia


      *sigh*, all I'll say is 


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