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  1. Tudor-san

    FIVERR ?

    Heyo guys !! I started a new fiverr gig, basically it's commission work pretty much. I'm not rlly used to do this sort of thing, but maybe if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in seeing their favorite character in a specific way, or seeing their concept "come to life" in an illustration , you can go to my profile to "website". I'm not asking for attention or anything from you guys, but if you are just a little bit curious about it, maybe check it out Even if you don't, thank you anyways for taking a little bit of your time to read this Hop
  2. Thank you So good to be of service Oy
  3. Thank you I tried making her a lill bit sexy...well now that i've looked it up they do be having quite the same pose
  4. So i did a thing for "Yu Yu Hakusho" after finisshing the anime. It's not rlly done yet because of the colors but I will finish it soon What'd ya think ?
  5. Thank you so much ! You've rlly made my day ngl They're only digital drawings, but maybe because I come from a traditional background it kinda gives that vibe away
  6. Thanks ! It would be my pleasure
  7. hi everyone, I'm Tudor and as you may probably tell I like anime I don't think I am the most vivid weeb, but i've seen a handfull of anime by now besides this I'm also an artist, or so I like to call myself, drawing OC, concepts for games and of course fan arts (maybe too much of them), and also did a couple of commissions anyway if you have any questions feel free to ask them and hope you got a very nice day Oy
  8. RDR2, I rlly need to finish this game
  9. Heyo ! I'm pretty new around here, but I was curious if you ever wanted to make a game or at least design one or two characters. Maybe share some of your ideas ?
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