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  1. Here you go : Ouran High School Host Club Kaguya-sama: Love is War ItaKiss His and Her Circumstances Senryu Girl Tada Never Falls In Love Rainbow Days Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life Feel free to ask for more recommendations if you like any of these, I'm sure I can find you plenty more similar anime!
  2. Welcome to Anime Forums! Ya-ho-! I'd like to chat. Feel free to write a message on my profile feed or send one to my inbox.
  3. Ya-ho-! Nice to meet you Maiari. That's a good choice! Your Name is the anime film that helped me branch away from soley just watching Ghibli films. I spend far too much time sometimes on changing up my profiles (I'm one of those people who would change it everyday if I had the time). Haha, I take it a lot of people have tried to talk to you about Haikyuu, huh? Don't wory, I've not seen it either.
  4. Ya-ho-! Nice to meet you Aussie, I don't think you'll have to worry about maths so much here. I'm a PC and Nintendo gamer too (I have no room for a bigger console). Hue, you've obviously not heard of the two "plots" then that bigger chested anime girls have, huh? (Jkjk. )Welcome to Anime Forums!
  5. OH I remember seeing that message now! I have a horrible memory though so I needed this to nudge my brain,
  6. Lucy is my best girl! Juvia is close second though, huehue. Looks like there's blissful agreeance with no fighting over waifus.
  7. Ya-ho-! It's a pleasure to meet you too Tobi! Welcome to Anime Forums. (The idea'll grow on you I'm sure, but then again, I'm a bit of forum junkie.)
  8. Huh.. I've not sent any messages (just aware of the mechanics), so I don't know if that's normal or not? Maybe you can message more as you increase your reputation/rank?
  9. Okay! Let's start with that! To privately send a message, there's two ways of doing it. Way one: Hover over the person's icon Click "✉︎ Message" Type out all the required section Click "Send" Way two: Click on their profile picture and you'll go to their profile Click "✉︎ Message" Type out all the required section Click "Send" To publically send a message: Click on their profile picture and you'll go to their profile You should see an "Activity" box with your icon and the text "Write a public message on "user's username"'s feed..." above the user's activity Type your message in that box Click "Submit Status"
  10. Ya-ho-! Welcome to Anime Forums. I wonder if there's a forum or a club where you could post a link to your channel and/or get feedback? You're in the right place for making friends though, posting in forums and joining clubs is a good way to do that. There might even be clubs for your other interests here! Good luck with your goal for your YouTube channel!
  11. Ya-ho-! Welcome to Anime Forums. You're in the right place.
  12. Ya-ho-! Welcome to Anime Forums. I'm still pretty new here myself (I haven't left the Introduction forum) but I can try help you out? Where are you trying to navigate to?
  13. Welcome to Anime Forums! My recommendations for this season (Winter 2021) are Horimiya and So I'm a Spider, So What?. You might want to check out the Recommendations forum (sorry sorry if you didn't want an unsocilicted recommendation) as well as checking back here.
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