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  1. I wrote this right after I saw one specific episode which was a long time ago. I've of course finished all of it by now and I can say that this anime became better and better! I hope you enjoy it once it comes to Netflix ^^
  2. I haven't read the manga so no spoilers there please, but I was so shocked over the reveal! The anime really doesn't hold back on what it means to be a carnivor or a herbivor and it's just so sad and emotional and I have no idea what to really feel of what every character is going through! You really do feel for everyone! I wasn't sure if I was allowed spoilers in the first post so I tried to be vague even if this seem to be a spoiler corner for currently airing animes o.o Can you tell I'm new XD?
  3. Kagi


    I am currently watching Jujutsu Kaisen, yes XD Looking for Sukuna in every episode because he's sooo dreamy! I enjoy it so far! Other titles I'm watching is also Dr. Stone - Stone Wars, Promised Neverland Season 2, Beastars season 2, Horimiya and I only have two more episodes of Millionaire Detective XD Waiting for the next season of Demon Slayer and My hero Academia!
  4. Kagi


    Yo! I'm Kagi and I have very few friends who watch anime so I'd like to find more who can discuss and recommend! Looking forward to getting to know you all ^^
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