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  1. Hello, I need help to find an anime. The anime is about the mc who can transfor into a devil like being one day and his best friend returned from oversea a few days earlier. His friend has very light hair and likes to fire guns. The mc has got black hair and his body changes after he can transform himself. Both of them go on a Journey after they find out about his transformation ( I don´t know the goal of the Journey anymore). This anime is in modern times. Maybe around 2013 - 2017. Please help me find this anime
  2. I search an Anime title where a schoolboy can transform into a devil like creature and his best friend who has wery light hair helps him solve the mystery around his transformation. The best friend from mc also returns from oversea at the beginning of the anime. I searched for this anime a long time and still haven´t found it. Please help me!
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