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  1. Yeah, that is definitely one I should look at. I've been going through lists of all the shows they used to air and so far none of them looked like they were the ones.
  2. I have considered that but the spaceship is definetly not the same, the one in question looks like a giant block almost. And I can't be sure but his dialogue may have mentioned Colonies. He definitely didn't sound like a pirate.
  3. Hi everyone I realise the chances of this working are slim but here goes... About 20 years ago I watched an anime on German TV that in my memory reminds me remotely of Cowboy Bebop but I just remember one iconic scene that is still burned into my memory to this day. It's the end of the episode, the main character who is either similar to Spike Spiegel or just had a similar dub just went through a bunch of events on a planet I would presume to be Earth and decides to try his luck in space or on other planets and proceeds to walk up to a giant rectangular spaceship with a rather i
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