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  1. I have actually tried to attach a picture of my Toyohisa but I wasn't able to create an URL that works About the anime you mentioned. I already watched Shiki and Higurashi as well as Fate Zero. Really liked those. Monster is on my planning-to-watch list currently. I might start this one after finished rewatching the first season of drifters for the I guess 3rd time. I already checked out some of the art topics and it is really interesting. I think I made a good choice by joining this community
  2. I am currently working on this Toyohisa on the wall of my bedroom. It is far from finished and I will post it again when I am done. I was planning to paint the corridor with all the several doors in the background. What do you think so far? :)
  3. Hey guys! I was searching for a forum like this to talk about several topics regarding my favourite animes :) I do have a lot of friends that are into that stuff too but I often watch anime that aren't that well known and my friends often don't know them so I can't talk to them about some of my favourite pieces. I am looking forward to discuss different topics with all of you here! :) I started my "anime career" with Hellsing Ultimate and it is still one of my favourite pieces. Others of my favourites are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mirai Nikki, Drifters, Death Note,... I like stories with dark stories and horro as well as psychological elements. My flat is also about to become a personalized showcase for my favourite anime. I already painted a huge Trafalgar Law on one of my walls and am currently working on a Hellsing Logo and a quite big Toyohisa Shimazu. If you are interested in seeing those just tell me, however I am planning to check out the topics in the art section anyways. So that's all from my side for now :) Also happy easter to all of you! :)
  4. I know this thread is kinda old plus I joined just now. But one of the reasons for joining was that I am hoping that I'll find some people to talk about some rather unknown animes like drifters. I have some friends that are watching a lot of animes but literally no one ever heard of drifters. I am currently painting a big Toyohisa on the wall of my bed room since I am a huge fan and I think this anime is so so underrated. Also! They started an OVA and it looks like this will be the 2nd season. There have been Release 3 episodes so far. Anyone who already watched it?
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