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  1. Chaos;Head, Steins;gate, katawa shoujo, the fate series, clannad lol just to name a few
  2. The first game i played was The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
  3. Hello, im new so i figured i should introduce myself. I am just some zombie, i like to watch anime, play games, watch anime about games and play games about anime... I like anime with comedy, romance, horror, slice of life, and shounen. Some of my favorite anime are Soul Eater, Trigun, Dragonball, Re;Zero, Hellsing, Bleach, and Mirai Nikki, and some of my favorite games are Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty, Starbound, Bioshock, and many different Visual Novels and MMO's. I hope to get along with everyone!
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