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  1. Nah this can't be it. but thanks
  2. The first Anime I've ever seen. must have been 10 years old (19 now). It was a story about the main character, I think she was female, and she had an unfortunate encounter with some witch, who put a spell on her and she couldn't talk. Then I forget... and she was in some big house or something idk hahah Any help would be appreciated
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much! Haha I'll likely stay away from those then lol
  4. Yeah go for it! nice input. I used to read up on certain anime before I watched them to make sure they had a happy ending, because ever since I was a young child I turned to anime to make me happy. Of course I forget to read about this one anime before I watch it, and I paid for it. I've never heard of The Girl Who Leapt Through time, but I'll take your word for it. Now I know this next question is random, and has no business being in this thread, but would you recommend Naruto to someone who hasn't watched Naruto? I watched the first 5 episode and it didn't catch my
  5. Okay so I love romance animes, particularly ones with a happy ending resulting in MC and female ending up together, but honestly, what is up with School days? I tend to sympathize, even empathize, with the mc, so School Days just made me hate myself. and then that ending!!!??
  6. SPOLERS AHEAD FOR Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso . . . . . . Gosh darn it. I was watching Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, because my friend recommended it to me because its like Clannad, but I could not finish it. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing, the first 10 episodes I did watch. But there were so many hints that pointed towards Kaori dying, that I had to search it up, to see if she actually does die. Well, crap. I can not get so emotionally attached to an anime and have the MCs love interest die!! Clannad made me cry like a baby! I will not go thru that again. I only
  7. Been a while since I've posted here. Back again because I value the recommendations of fellow anime enthusiasts (rather than articles), and you guys haven't let me down yet. Lately, I've been viewing lots of isekai, coming upon this genre with KonoSuba. A few series later of similar genre, I stumbled upon Zero No Tsukaima. This is where I rediscovered my love for romantic anime, and I consistently wished they would abandon the story line and focus on the romance between MC and his fellow lady. I'm back again to ask for more recommendations where romance is in great focus, comedy isn
  8. yep i just finished that at the beginning of march. good anime
  9. Oh my god... so I just finished episode 18 of the after story... and an 18 year old guy like me shouldn't be crying this much over an anime... well im pushing through to the end...
  10. Okay i finished Clannad. Super confused why there was an episode 24 with a completely different love interest. What do i watch next? Clannad the Movie? or the after story. What is the difference between the movie and the regular series?
  11. Haha does Pokemon count? if not, the first anime i watched was Girls! Bravo hahaha I was a pretty average teenager... well i guess i still am
  12. Okay so i tried lovely complex... and unfortunately i didnt get attached to it like i did with Toradora. but Im watching clannad now and just finished episode 9... tears still rolling down my eyes :'(. And thanks everyone for the suggestions!! I shall give these all a chance
  13. Thanks for the input I shall give this a shot!
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