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  1. This should have been number 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f054LjAtQUY It's luckystar, but still... Who could say no to Konata?
  2. We all know Homura is the best. Anyone who says otherwise clearly has been taking alot of drugs.
  3. Hey, so I have 2 playlists and I don't expect you to click those, I just posted them there for context, but you can. Basicly they are 2 styles of Nightcore. NightCore, and DayCore. Over the years of collecting, I have ran into alot of crap nightcore. So, basicly, I am trusting you. Anyone know of good nightcore songs?
  4. Hey guys! I am new to these forums, don't worry. I am not just here to post my server, then leave. But hey, why not start here? I have started a MineCraft server made for otaku's. It is still new, so I am still working on it, but I hope you guys could come check it out, and hopefully stay! Other than that, I am super pumped to join this forum, and hope that I make some friends here! Please, check out my MineCraft server, or PM me about anything! I love talking, and would love to start conversations! Below is my server's IP. otaku.mc.scalacube.info

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