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    Onepiece, Shaman King, Detective millionaire, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, CCS, Inuyasha, Rave, Nube, Ghost at school, Flame of Recca, HxH, Asassination Classroom, and etc plus will be adding more and more and more~~
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    Slice of Life

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  1. For me : Inuyasha - Change the world HxH - Ohayou CCS - Catch you catch me One piece - We are One piece - hikari e Digimon adventure - butterfly Flame of Recca - Nanka shiawase heaven official's blessing but idk the title, shinchan, doraemon, hamtaro, even rurouni kenshin and naruto, woah all of the anime got a really nice opening tho, especially One piece and inuyasha and rurouni kenshin..
  2. actually it looks fun but.... i don't get the part in number 2...
  3. If anyone ever read CCS clear card manga till the latest chapter, I wanna ask about Toya.. There is a spoiler here.. so those who doesnt like spoiler please dont read it and just skip to the question..... Now my question is who do you think that give the barrier in sakura's house in CCS clear card so kaito become hard to attack sakura? Who also take out the spell in Syaoran's body? Is it Toya with his new power? Or maybe Sakura's father with the help of her mom's spirit? Or is it Eriol but kind of impossible since Eriol is also sick and little bit weaker right?? or it'ss just kaito being weaker and gonna die each day... Idk.. Im really confused now... lol what do you think guys?
  4. Hi zila~ yehettt I also love the art style of chobits hehe Clamp really have a good drawing hehe. Arigatou to greet me~ Hehehe its hard to choose only 10 but if I can, there are : 1. One piece , 2. Millionaire detective : Balance unlimited , 3. Assasination classroom , 4. Fruits basket , 5. Shaman King , 6. Nube , 7. Rave , 8. Ghost at school , 9. Inuyasha , 10. A whisker away. Hehehe Chainsaw Man I saw it i saw it~ I hope its really good, it's all bloody and gore not to mention the horror stuff running anc chasing, I also cannot wait for it too~~ hehehe~ Nice to meet you freunds~ >_<~
  5. Hi~ wanna ask has anyone watch Re-Main ep 1? what was your thought about this anime?
  6. moshimoshi~ I'm new here~ I wanna make some new anime moots to talk about any anime or manga with any genre~ I love fantasy, comedy, action, adventure, magic, sports and even thriller or horror anime~ I'm open to a new recommendation anime~ Let's be friends and hope to meet all of you here~ yoroshiku onegaishimasuuu~ ^^~
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