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  1. This is more PURE GOLD than any alchemic transmutation could ever get you. I love this, could totally see it as the ending theme if Brotherhood had been made now
  2. I discovered My hero academia past sunday, and binged watched since all available episodes (which i never did in my whole life for any anime or tv series)...Now i am waiting weekly to watch it in simulcast (which i also never had to do before).... I would really appreciate if anyone has any suggestion for any anime that i could watch and really enjoy. What is for you the closest anime to My hero academia?[ view: https://animefillerlist.net/my-hero-academia-filler-list/ ] I didnt watch that much animes in my life, so that you know: i of course watched death note completly. I saw the first season of Hunter x hunter, some 300 episodes of One piece, nearly finishing the availabe episodes of fairy tail. I also really enjoyed Assination Classroom but not as much as My Hero Academia...and that is basically it. I always liked animes without being a huge fan either, but maybe My hero Acadmia just changed that for me...Do you have any idea about what i should try next? I am open to all suggestions but would like to find something for which i could catch up to simulcast quite quickly.
  3. Indeed i've seen this character on many website infact 2 days back i was searching naruto on some random site : --link removed so i saw this character there too and even there are many more site where you can find and see this character cause its pretty cool
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