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Fake It 'til You Break It.

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Fake It 'til You Break It


I hate faking smiles 'cause I know you'll believe me
And nothing else, no, that is all you will see
And when I speak you say, "How can that be?
Because to me you look awfully free."

I hate faking laughs 'cause I know you'll believe them
Completely ignoring the blood on my hem
Completely ignoring the ever growing stem
Of darkness, despair and inner mayhem

It feels like a lie
Every time I reply
'Cause I'd like to die
But I still have to try ...

I don't know why I do it, try to keep up this facade
When I'd rather be casting blood on the house of God
No, I don't know why I do it, look away from where I've clawed
But every time I play this game of lies you all applaud 

It is really quite a  funny thing, living with my brain
Sometimes I think I'm a genius, other times ... insane
'Cause nothing ever pleases me as much as grotesque pain
So I suppose I'll tear it down, drop the mask and bathe in your blood rain

Yes, I suppose I'll burn this town and everything it holds dear
Watch everything go up in flames as my eyes, filled with blood, clear
For I am now your rightful god, your ruler and domineer
I am no longer fake, no, I accept my fate ... as a lonely pioneer.

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