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Your Favorite Skyrim Mods


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Greetings, all. Would our PC gamers like to share what their favorite mods are on Skyrim? Graphics, lore, side quests, anything; what does your mod list look like? I'm about to play Skyrim again, but unlike all the others play-throughs, I want to mod this one. I've been playing vanilla these past several years, and want to tinker with mods for Ultimate Edition. I want to utilize every single resource my computer can squeeze out for graphics, and I'd like to install swords and weapons not found in the vanilla game.

What mods are you guys using? What about the PS4 and XB, there are mods for the consoles as well, right?

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Not to contribute to thread necromancy, but honestly, Predator: The Lost Tribes did an excellent job at introducing Predator based lore into the Skyrim universe. 


It's a bit OP, but there's at least some balanced aspects about it.

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