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  1. How can school and work be so time consuming?

  2. Greetings, all. Would our PC gamers like to share what their favorite mods are on Skyrim? Graphics, lore, side quests, anything; what does your mod list look like? I'm about to play Skyrim again, but unlike all the others play-throughs, I want to mod this one. I've been playing vanilla these past several years, and want to tinker with mods for Ultimate Edition. I want to utilize every single resource my computer can squeeze out for graphics, and I'd like to install swords and weapons not found in the vanilla game. What mods are you guys using? What about the PS4 and XB, there are mods for the consoles as well, right?
  3. I'm glad the cyberpunk culture is getting some mainstream recognition (for now, anyway).
  4. You found the right place, welcome. I hope we become well acquainted in time.
  5. I like this; I agree. Every time I feel like I'm an expert in rock culture, music, and especially guitar culture, I always discover something new. I like this 'school of thought' as you say, I like it alot.
  6. So it would appear that 8chan has returned as 8kun, and they have a /fit/ board up.

    Excellent, I was getting tired or r/fitness. Maybe 8kun will behave itself now so we can have a better /fit/ board than 4chan or reddit.

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I kinda never bothered with the whole 4 or 8 chan simply because of all the bs people posted there 😂 We have a few people interested in fitness here as well though. Although anime fans are not generally known for being jocks 😂 

    2. SerpentGod


      True, I'm certainly not vocalizing how great any chan site is, or even Reddit for that matter.

      The good thing about 8chan and Reddit's various fitness subs is that they have libraries of info regarding health and exercise. However, over the past several months, I'm noticing a lot of fitness-enthusiasts are turning to YouTube (namely towards Jeff Cavaliere) and Instagram for fitness related info and progress posts.

      I suspect at some point, I will have to integrate with social media regarding my fitness goals, but I'm putting it off as long as possible.

  7. What hobbies, activities, or subject matters are you passionate about? What do you consider yourself an expert on, or want to be an expert at?
  8. Greetings, friend. Doing well?

  9. I preferred the Hellsing TV show myself; a shame there were only 13. If they wanted to stop on an 'evil' number, I wish it had been 666 episodes instead.
  10. Greetings. Perhaps we may be well acquainted later; perhaps we have a few similar interests. Welcome.
  11. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this gem. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Hellsing.
  12. Anytime someone says HTML is not a programming language, I can't help but to cringe. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all three make it absolutely as real as C++ or any other "real language."

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    2. SerpentGod


      It may be a mark up language, but combined with CSS and JS, I absolutely consider it a programming language, Others would argue otherwise, but I would disagree.

    3. FeelsGudManINC


      I see your point, fair enough

    4. SerpentGod


      You're correct, per definition it is, indeed, a markup language. I just strongly feel it is a markup programming language is all.

      I really shouldn't think of this so much, but I do.

  13. I had no idea there even were OVAs until I read this thread. I was never a big fan of MHA anyway, but now I want to see the OVAs. It appears the 3rd OVA was released just this year as well.
  14. I'm currently a night shift floor worker. I absolutely hate it, and my company is funding my tuition so I can join our web app team.
  15. From what I can tell, all the activity seems to be in Europe; there's hardly any events pertaining to rollerblading here in the U.S and there is nothing here where I live. Not even in the big city. I kinda wish it would make a comeback.
  16. Weather here has been odd. Its usually cold and icy, but its rather warm and breezy. It feels more like Spring time of even early Summer more so than it does Winter.
  17. I have always wanted an electric violin, as pictured below. I have no idea how it works, but I'd love to find out. I think it would make recording very easy to do, since it does not require a microphone like a normal violin.
  18. I do definitely recommend it. My biggest fear was compatibility issues with Android, but my phone connects to it with no issues and there is zero latency.
  19. So, how was everybody's Christmas? Mine went well, I wasn't expecting the family to get along as well as they did this year.
  20. I did not laugh out loud, but I breathed through my nose kinda hard after reading it. Still funny tho.
  21. Considering this forum leans towards art and media, and not so much sports, I still want to ask; do any of you here rollerblade/inline skate? The hobby seems to be dying these days. I remember growing up in the 90's, there were plenty of people in the city doing it. Kids, teens, and adults all. Now, I believe I'm probably the only person in my small town that still does it, and even still its been a while. Is it dead, or do I still have fellow inline skaters here on the forum? Cheers in advance for anyone who does. If its relevant to know, I skate on Powerslide Phuzion Argons. I replaced the stock frames with 4x80mm frames.
  22. Now that I think of it, I really want to record more music and make a YouTube channel as well, maybe a sound cloud. I have all the gear and equipment I need (except for cameras, but I want to focus on audio production anyway and not video). Between work and school, I barely ever even feel like going to the gym, much less actually recording.
  23. Yes, its adjustable. Fully extended, its about 11 inches (it looks like 28cm exact). There's a spring inside that makes it retract and it hold's the phone in place very firm. My phone is 6 inches, and it fits absolutely perfect.
    More opinion than fact.
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