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Canvas Art

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I know that all of these are not Anime but I would like some positive feed back on them.


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These aren't bad at all, however, I think you would benefit by doing more layers to help get rid of the canvas tooth/texture a bit more. THAT BEING SAID, art is totally subjective and you might have wanted the canvas to show.

Your work reminds me of water color in the sense that your colors looked thinned out, you should try doing one where you layer more paint after each drying cycle it will make it look even more like a water color wash. 

You currently also look like you aren't adding shadows or highlights to your work but using the canvas to create the highlights. 

I really like playing with light when I use acrylics you should give it a try (adding some burnt umber and phthalo blue to say skin colors to make shadows). 

IF you added more paint though with no shadow it would look like pop art :) so either way you can push it even further if you wanted and it would look good!

Keep up the awesome work!!

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