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Post Playable Yotube Videos Within The Site


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Step 1: Replace the ''LACbVhgtx9I'' on the link below for the code of the YouTube video that you would like to share. (You can find the desired code after the ''v='' link that you see above the video that you want to share)  I'll be using the code from THE MUFFIN SONG video in YT.

Step 2: Once you've replaced ''LACbVhgtx9I'' for the code of your YouTube clip make sure that the link shown below has no spaces.

Tip: The YouTube code that you will use has to go after the ''v='' and before the ''&feature=youtu.be''

Here's the link sample. ------->    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= LACbVhgtx9I &feature=youtu.be    <--- Link must be used without any spaces.

End result:

Have a lovely day free of worded links that make ya have to open a new tab to watch the actual YT video.

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