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If Naruto had a football team: offense


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Which positions are you putting all the Naruto characters at? We'll start with offense, I'll go to defense later. 

QB: Shikamaru, I love his leadership and his battle strategies. Love his ability to be crafty and think under pressure, he would be great at making audibles

RB: Naruto, the workhorse, and someone who needs the ball in his hands, he sets the tone on offense

WR1: Sasuke, yes he can be dramatic and a diva, but most number 1 receivers are divas. He can make plays

WR2: Minato, the speedster, I need my second receiver to burn the secondary, who better than the Yellow Flash. He's compared to Tyreek Hill 

Slot: Itachi, he is slick and likes to work in the shadows, that means he'll be greta at going under the defense

TE: Guy, I need a guy who loves to do the dirty work by blocking but can make plays, it doesn't hurt he can get more energy by opening his gates

LT: Jiraya, what better to protect the blind side than a legendary sanin

RT: Gaara, need OG Gaara in there with his sand shield. He'll block the best pass rusher, no one will get to Shikamaru

RG: Choji, he's a bulldozer and will create holes for Naruto

LG: Kimimaro, just tell him Orochimaru is the QB and he will block for his life

Center: Asuma, the chemistry between the center to QB is vital, what better than a father-son dynamic

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