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  1. I’ve wondered which My Hero Academia characters would be and my answers have finally been answered
  2. RE: Kiba, he’s a beast and is ferocious. Combined with Akamaru, that is a deadly force DT: Raikage, he sacrificed his hand to punch Sasuke DT: Killer B, father son duo is hard to beat LE: Zabuza, he chased down Gato without any hands and he went through a whole army. I can’t imagine the terro MLB: Neji, with his byakugan, he will be able to predict plays, read the gaps, and stuff the run OLB: Rock Lee, he has boundless energy and loves to hit people. He just needs to take a Saki shot before the game OLB: Kankuro, hard headed guy who loves to hit people CB: Kakashi, Revis Island, more like Kakashi island. With his sharingan he will be able to mirror the other CB: Temari with her wind jutsu, she’s able to press the receiver Safety: Hinate, another byakugan user to read the whole field and call out formations Safety: Ino, she will use her justsu to control the other team’s quarterback to cause turnovers
  3. I prefer dub, I like listening to the voices instead of looking down to read the subtitles. There is more sub content out there, so I have to watch sub, but I can help it I will watch dub Ngl sub feels more authentic
  4. Which positions are you putting all the Naruto characters at? We'll start with offense, I'll go to defense later. QB: Shikamaru, I love his leadership and his battle strategies. Love his ability to be crafty and think under pressure, he would be great at making audibles RB: Naruto, the workhorse, and someone who needs the ball in his hands, he sets the tone on offense WR1: Sasuke, yes he can be dramatic and a diva, but most number 1 receivers are divas. He can make plays WR2: Minato, the speedster, I need my second receiver to burn the secondary, who better than the Yellow Flash. He's compared to Tyreek Hill Slot: Itachi, he is slick and likes to work in the shadows, that means he'll be greta at going under the defense TE: Guy, I need a guy who loves to do the dirty work by blocking but can make plays, it doesn't hurt he can get more energy by opening his gates LT: Jiraya, what better to protect the blind side than a legendary sanin RT: Gaara, need OG Gaara in there with his sand shield. He'll block the best pass rusher, no one will get to Shikamaru RG: Choji, he's a bulldozer and will create holes for Naruto LG: Kimimaro, just tell him Orochimaru is the QB and he will block for his life Center: Asuma, the chemistry between the center to QB is vital, what better than a father-son dynamic
  5. They must see through deception, in the ninja world those who break the rules are scum, that's true But those who abandon their teammates, are worse than scum- Kakashi
  6. I'm going to backtrack and agree with you, Deku vs Gentle Criminal was bad. I never understood Gentle Criminal's true motivations and Gentle Criminal wasn't an evil villain Haven't seen Heroes Rising, that is next on my list
  7. Best fight: All Might vs All for One Of course, the two most powerful beings in the world going head to head, too bad it's probably the only fight we'll see Underrated: Uraraka vs Bakugo I loved the crowd. They were jeering Bakugo the whole time, but then Eraser Head swoops in at the last minute to defend both of his students. The pace was good and the action was amazing. Bakugo didn't take it lightly, if he did take it lightly then that would be more sexist overrated: Gentle Criminal vs Deku This fight was meh at best. I wasn't invested in Gentle's backstory and it was drawn out too much. Not much action it was boring at best. Worst: Todoroki vs Bakugo In terms of pure fighting, you want to seet he best at their best. I know Todoroki has childhood trauma and I know his reasons are good, but since he used his full strength on Deku, he might as well have used it on Bakugo. Bakugo was mad and as fans I was too. We were robbed of a legendary fight between the two strongest students.
  8. Mine are Killua/Gon, Kakashi/Guy, Naruto/Jiraiya, Guy/Rock Lee, and Shikamaru/Asuma
  9. I would take Hisoka because he's calm even when he loses a hand!
  10. For me it's Go This intro gets me hype, but I usually skip the intros
  11. Someone needs to watch every single Naruto episode and cut out every repetitive flashback I love flashbacks because it gives the characters more depth, but I hate seeing repetitive flashbacks. I've seen Naruto's childhood 5 million times. I know Naruto's childhood better than I do! When all the repeat flashbacks are cut out, I can finally sit back and rewatch Naruto all over again. This allows me to watch the story develop quicker
  12. I watched the first few episodes of Tokyo Ghoul I love the concept but I haven't had time to watch it After I finish Hunter Hunter I will look into it
  13. I re-watched Naruto, but I skipped the fillers. I'm on season 1 for Shippuden but I just started watching Hunter x Hunter. I'll finish Hunter x Hunter and continue watching Shippuden, because Naruto is and always will be my favorite anime
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