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Super Mario Remasters

Scarlet Rose

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It was announced last Friday that Nintendo are bringing two Super Mario remasters to the Switch. Super Mario 3D Worlds and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. I am extremely excited about both of them as the Switch is my first ever Nintendo console. I have previously only ever owned Sony consoles. So I am extremely looking forward to playing them. The limited time for purchasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars is at best a weird move though. I have pre-ordered All-Stars as a result as I had heard stores were selling out. What do you all think of these announcements? 

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Even though I have pre-ordered it, I really agree with both your points of principle. Especially when it comes to pre-orders which have exclusives tied to them.  The limited time window for the game is questionable at the best of times. As you point out, it is only worse in present circumstances. The only reason I pre-ordered it was I did not want to have to deal with people hiking the price on it. 

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