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  1. Made a little bit more progress in Tales of Zestiria on PS4. I am just outside the shrine for the wind trial. Third attempt at returning to my saved game. Not sure why it has not stuck. As I enjoy it enough. Hoping to see it through to the end this time.
  2. A new Hyrule Warriors game as been announced as coming out on the 20th of November. It will be a prequel to Breath of the Wild in terms of narrative. While I have still not finished it, I really loved Hyrule Warriors Definitive edition. It was one of the games I got with my Switch and was totally hooked on it for a few weeks. It is really interesting too that it will be tied more into the Zelda cannon. As opposed to how the Warriors spin off titles usually work.
  3. Even though I have pre-ordered it, I really agree with both your points of principle. Especially when it comes to pre-orders which have exclusives tied to them. The limited time window for the game is questionable at the best of times. As you point out, it is only worse in present circumstances. The only reason I pre-ordered it was I did not want to have to deal with people hiking the price on it.
  4. It was announced last Friday that Nintendo are bringing two Super Mario remasters to the Switch. Super Mario 3D Worlds and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. I am extremely excited about both of them as the Switch is my first ever Nintendo console. I have previously only ever owned Sony consoles. So I am extremely looking forward to playing them. The limited time for purchasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars is at best a weird move though. I have pre-ordered All-Stars as a result as I had heard stores were selling out. What do you all think of these announcements?
  5. I finished Link's Awakening tonight. Or as near to finishing it as I am going to. Beat the final boss and saw the credits roll. It was actually a lot more enjoy than I expected it to be. Just need to decide on which game I will be actively playing next. Have soooooooo many in my back catalogue though.
  6. Hello and welcome. I am quite limited in what I have seen. You might like Hunter X Hunter if you enjoy those series? That does sound like a good use of your lockdown time though. Hope it made things easier for you! Enjoy your time here!
  7. Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. Oh nice, I wish you the best of luck with that!
  8. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here! Yes! I have found forums can be really amazing for that too! Same here, I just recently joined and also noticed this place does not seem toxic at all.
  9. Thank you! I used to really really love forums about a decade or so ago, so I am happy to be part of one again. This place looks really nice! Thank you! Nice to meet you here! The community looks really awesome, so I think I will have a good time here.
  10. That Spongebob game looks amazing! Never played the original, but it totally looks like something which I would love! I just made a little bit more progress in Link's Awakening. I can be shockingly slow at figuring out where to go next. Just seem to stumble upon progress when I am gaming. Still really loving it though. Just got to the animal village this morning.
  11. Crunchyroll and Netflix are my two subscription services for streaming. I am currently watching One Piece and Yugioh VRAINS on Crunchyroll and Black Mirror on Netflix. I don't think I need any other streaming services, as I probably don't even fully utilize the two which I already have.
  12. I just joined today. Been an anime fan on and off since I was in high school. At the moment, I typically have one or two ongoing series I am actively keeping up with. While waiting for new episodes to come out, I will have another series I am trying to finish. I also like reading and gaming a lot. I work full time and study part time though, so when you add in the inane amount of time I spend day dreaming and procrastinating, I don't have much left for my hobbies.
  13. I am currently reading Sociobiology Examined, edited by Ashley Montagu. It is a pretty mixed book as the quality can vary with the contributions. On the whole, I am quite enjoying it though. I am also wanting to get back into reading The Marx - Engels Reader edited by Robert Tucker. I am about a 3rd of the way through it. At times it can be quite difficult to follow, to be perfectly honest. I am getting through it though.
  14. I am currently reading One Punch Man and My Hero Academia. All caught up with One Punch Man, so while I wait for new chapters to come out, I am trying to catch up with My Hero Academia. If I can catch up with that, I might start a 3rd series. Kind of how I do with anime. Well exactly as I do with anime.
  15. At the moment I am only keeping up with One Punch Man. It is the first manga I read online. Although even offline, I have not read that much manga at all.
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