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Swordsman and Shiva

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Swordsman and Shiva

By Pathospades


Her knife tickled my neck. If I didn't step back and held my breath, my HP would've really halved right there. I have to force some distance, but she keeps following up her knife attacks.

I deflect it with my sword from my side, my face, my leg, and even the back of my head.

She goes for the neck one more time and I manage to counter her with my foot to her gut.

She steps back. It's always safer to step back after getting hit, because if I follow up, my attack would hit first.

I can barely breath. It's such a tough time reacting so instantly.

The crowd is cheering for Shiva, the underdog beauty of this tournament. Her long white hair compliments her frigid gaze. She has an elite soldier's black outfit.

It's the fight for 100,000 gold and I'm confident that I'll win. She's breathing more ragged than me. If she takes maybe three more hits, it's game.

"Come at me!" I shout.

"I'll shut you up!" She answers my call by crouching near my legs. She doesn't strike under though. She super jumps. I grab her ankle and slam her body straight on the ground. She's so taken by surprise that she drops her knives.

Nevermind the hits. I have my sword at her neck and she's grounded. "It's my win." It's anti-climatic, but she has no more moves left. Her face was such a vicious scowl and you know, I couldn't help but grin. I was the victor of the preliminaries.

"That's how I met Shiva, the dual-knife wielding soldier. Fast. Ferocious. And spiteful. I lost the next fight and the next day, she's my side quest partner, assigned by her higher-up. Me?" I'm stuck on this quest because I need the money to make up for losing."

"That's why she keeps glaring at you?" Asked the merchant.

"Yeah. I beat her fair and square. I don't deserve her hate. And now we have to deal with each other until we get to the next town."

"It's a shame. She's quite the looker."

"Yeah, I know. But I'd have better chances with some maid than her. She hasn't said a word to me since."

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I noticed that the format of your story is written more like a screenplay/script. Have you maybe considered laying it out like one?

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Mm. I can kinda see it as a script, but that wasn't my intention. I think because I wanted an actiony kind of pacing, fast and all, I made sure to make each line short.


That said, I'm not too aware of how a script layout looks like. Would not know how to lay it out like one.

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Yeah. Lots of dialogue.

I may do script-style, but I like the ability to describe things more. Like write paragraphs about the tension in the scene. Idk. I could try it.

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I spaced out into the sunny scenery. The trees and grass seem so carefree, swaying in whatever direction the wind chooses.

"Why did you lose?" I turned my eyes to her. Her scowl was intense.

"My luck had ran out. What's it to you?"

"You shouldn't have lost. Your opponent was weaker."

"It sounds like you know her personally."

"I do know her. In fact, I know I can out best her any day of the week."

"Well, you should be happy. Your friend got farther than you did."

"She doesn't deserve it. Neither of you do."

The wind picked up. Her words took me by surprise, but I kept my unmoving face.

"You should have lost our fight. I'll prove it right now."

"Are you serious? The fight is over."

"But I'm the better fighter. I need to right this wrong."

"You don't need to right anything. The fight is OVER."

"You're wrong. Our fight never ended."

I instinctively grabbed my sword's hilt. She sees it and kicks my hand. I'm clearly in a disadvantaged state, as I'm still sitting down. I panic and try to jump off the carriage. Before I do so, she slights me in my side with her knife. I crash onto the ground and stumble on getting up. The carriage leaves me behind.

I unsheathe my sword.

She shows up shortly after, both knives at the ready.

"Shiva... you arrogant soldier..."

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