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"Hikari no Sunset" by Som (2022)


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"I could just feel the vesper's light upon my face, as I twirled among the cherry blossom trees whose tender, pink leaves rustled in the wind. After-school class was a bummer, but then from my desk I peered through the clear, glossy window and saw Kyumu, my crush. As the bell rang loudly, I gathered up my schoolbooks and headed out into the hallway. Boy was I glad Arithmetic had been over and done with. Oh, Kyumu, if only you knew I existed . . . In the hall I chanced upon the Music session in progress in Oda-san's classroom. Boys looking so good in there, playing their shiny instruments as if their very lives depended on it, didn't matter to me because in that moment, my heart was thumping hard in my chest. I had to race outdoors as fast as I could to see Kyumu, who was slipping away to his house . . . would he keep his back turned or would he turn around to see me blushing at his dimples and the flush of red color in his face? Then, it hit me. Buko, who sat next to me in class, was observing me from afar, hoping I would turn around to see him, and I did. I saw him, but I was in love with Kyumu.  Buko, I thought apologetically, you just can't compete with a guy like Tanahashi Kyumu. A popular kid, he oozed sexiness and he was cool-headed, not like the in-crowd that disappeared to the gym after exiting the premises.  Taking a chance, I finally caught up to Kyumu! "Hm?" he said, about-facing when he heard my footsteps. We stared at each other for a time, as a gentle breeze caressed us by the cherry blosoom trees. "Konichi wa." No, no, no! That was so stupid, I thought. But then he bowed, saying, "Konichi wa, Hikari-chan! I hope you had a good day." He knew my name?! Oh! The sunset paled in comparison to his good looks. "Would you like me to walk you home?" he asked, to which I ran off! Tears sparkling in my eyes, gradually rolling down my face, I wondered, what's wrong with you?! Go back!" by Som, (2022)

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