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Holiday Matsuri 2022


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Were it not for work obligations and having to find people to replace me while gone, I would go. I had to miss Galaxy Con Raleigh earlier this year for the same reasons. Cons always take place at the worst possible times when it comes to business matters. 😟 Eh, maybe someday...

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Quick report on this con:

-Bad parking accommodations. Shuttles helped make up for it.

-Panels filled up unbelievably quickly(people stuck in line for said panel, unable to get in),

-Rude staffers/security.

The con itself was good. Lots of great panels and shows. The game room was awesome! Played D&D too(loved the unique con setup).

Maybe next year look for a location where everything is not so far spread out?? Felt like a hike trying to get anywhere. No microwaves in hotel room was a lil off putting too.


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