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  1. To be honest, any and every anime falls into this category. Even if it is "universally acclaimed", there will always be detractors who will argue until the end of time why it sucks. Views are subjective to the viewer. The easiest ones to use as examples are titles like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece etc. Some fans argue just because of the broad release of a title. People who were fans of DBZ back in the day, suddenly started saying it's bad just because it was now on Toonami, and was no longer "anime for otaku only". As Stone Cold Steve Austin used to say, "D.T.A. Don't Trust Anybody". Watch for yourself and make up your mind.
  2. Welcome to the Insanity! Everyone is friendly here. Just be on the lookout for *ducks flying pie pan* Who threw that?? Anyways, welcome.
  3. Welcome to the Insanity! Oh, be careful where you step...I haven't cleaned up all the acid after...well...just watch it.
  4. I played baseball when I was younger, and slow-pitch softball in my 20s. As far as watching sports, I really only watch College Football. My fav team is the Florida Gators, my entire family roots for them and I grew up in that so it was only natural.
  5. OK...as far as an introduction to anime culture and lifestyles, that would be a tie between Kimagure Orange Road and Maison Ikkoku.
  6. Thanks from all of us...these will really help!
  7. I'll write about any genre really, so long as I can do a long character development.
  8. I recommend any character with a uniform. Usually much simpler due to being militaristic in origin...my first cosplay was Ramba Ral from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  9. Now I'm reading Magic Knight Rayearth.
  10. Honestly I had already viewed some anime before getting "hooked", but the one that got me addicted was Vampire Hunter D.
  11. Sad day, today. My roommate had to put one of her dogs down. She was quite old and I have mixed feelings. She had started to suffer(unable to walk). She was sweet and I loved her and miss her, but I'm also happy she isn't suffering anymore. I hurt...

    1. Ohayotaku


      I had to do the same for my 14 year old yellow lab last year. It’s never easy.

  12. Welcome to the Insanity! Enjoy your time here. Just watch out for *ducks flying trash can*...who threw that?? I will find you...anyways, welcome.
  13. Welcome to the Insanity!! Watch out for the members over there *points to shadowy area*...they bite!
  14. Got my roomie hooked on Star Trek. Oh yeah, it's all coming together...
  15. They already have...Hehehe...*disappears in cloud of smoke*
  16. Sector what? Who said that?? *flashes MiB mind eraser* Now, what were you saying?? *slowly slinks away*
  17. I understand...but UY was one of my first subtitled forays into anime. I...can't not watch! Lol!!
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