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Stormterror Dvalin Updates (ALL CRITICISM IS WELCOME!)


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Day 2leg1.png

Update: Got the foot, talons, and entire lower leg done after 2 days. might do more sculpting today and moving around vertices to the way I like it. A large part of today will be spent 3D modeling and sculpting the upper leg or thighs. Modeling the thighs shouldn't take that long though as they are less detailed than the lower half of the leg. Might want to revisit the lower leg in the meantime if I finish the upper leg quickly. I still think I can even out the polys and give more detail without increasing the tri count.

Day 3spacer.png

I quickly finished modeling the upper legs. Tri count is currently just below 20000. Not exactly ideal especially when I get to modeling the wings. After texturing the dragon I plan to apply a smooth to make the poly count much much higher. I'll have to see how that turns out though, cannot smooth our the tris before finishing the texturing of the model. Normal mapping will be another thing entirely too but that's for a future date. Right now I have to make sure the geometry stays as clean as possible so unwrapping the UV's is easy and texturing the dragon goes well. If anything modeling the tail might be as easy as doing the upper legs. Not sure but we will see.

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day 3 update
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