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Kancolle - The First Non "Engrish" Ship?

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Not really too sure where to put this (probably in the gaming forum), but I recently just discovered something that you may already have known light years before me.


I have quite the interest in Kancolle not because of the weird mecha-fittings, but because of the variety of voice actors put in, and also the thought of giving historical World War II ships some attention.


[FLOAT_RIGHT]BB_Warspite_439_Full.png.872db51b7f4ae5fab5ddb8550f2b5a34.png[/FLOAT_RIGHT]As for the title part, my most favorite Kancolle character is Kongou. Her character and voice actor just fits so well for some reason, and her VA at least avoids 1/2 of that "Engrish" territory of speaking in English. Iowa was then introduced. I thought she would do a nicer job, but it seems like Kongou does it better.


However, a new contender arrives, Warpsite, her majesty's battleship directly from the land of the Englishmen. She pronounces the infamous letter "L" that most native Japanese speakers can't get right since from what I've heard, they don't have that letter in their alphabet. I will still like Kongou, but Warspite is the ship for clear and pleasant English.


If you want to hear her voice lines, visit her
. Scroll down and you will be able to see her voice lines that should be playable on the desktop at least.

People do hint out that she mispronounces "admiral" and maybe some other words, but at least she has clarity when she says it.


Oh, and her voice actor is


That's pretty much all from the person full of guilty pleasures xD

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